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To be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get stabbed by some nigga.
Dude I was in da ghetto and some nigga Paul Pierce'd me!
by $lim $hady January 23, 2008

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average, Most Commonly know as The Dow, is a listing of major U.S stocks.
The DOW is up 1000 points!
by $lim $hady October 18, 2008

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A very nice place to live. The third largest city in Kentucky. Has a population of about 60,000 people. Is Kentucky's No.1 sportstown, and known as BBQ capital of the world, because of Moonlite Barbecue. Has many resteraunts and churches. Also, my town.
Owensboro is a really nice place to live.
by $lim $hady October 20, 2008

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An awesome band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed by Jesper Stromblad in 1994. In Flames is one of the pioneers of the metal sub-genre known as "Melodic Death Metal".

Members: Anders Frieden - Vocals
Peter Iwers - Bass
Bjorn Gellote - Guitar
Jesper Stromblad - Guitar
Daniel Svensson - Drums

In Flames has released 12 studio albums:

A Sense of Purpose - 2008
Come Clarity - 2007
Soundtrack to Your Escape - 2004
Reroute to Remain - 2002
The Tokyo Showdown - 2001
Colony - 1999
Clayman - 1999
Black-Ash Inheritance - 1997
Whoracle - 1997
The Jester Race - 1995
Subterranean - 1994
Lunar Strain - 1994
In Flames just released their new album "A Sense of Purpose".
by $lim $hady May 22, 2008

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An alternate name for Salt Lake City, Utah.
Guy 1: What city is the Utah Jazz's home stadium?

Guy 2: Mormon City I think.
by $lim $hady October 20, 2008

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To get jumped over and dunked on and embarrassed.

Dude! Yao just got Vince Carter'd!
by $lim $hady January 19, 2008

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The 1337sp33k way to say "Penis".
5u(k |\/\y P3|\|15 |\|008!
by $lim $hady November 03, 2008

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