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Combination of bitch and musketeer.

1. A cabal whose unifying theme is their shared need to complain.

2. The group of people you call, text or email when you feel the need to bitch about something.

- coined by Alison the Angry Redhead on August 22, 2005.
This blog will have no useful purpose. It will simply provide my fellow bitchkateers and I with a forum for discussing what the hell is wrong with people.
by iiams August 28, 2005
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Long pubic hair hanging down from the labia majora. Taken from the long wispy vegetation that hangs down from tree branches.
A common nude photo: a woman from behind, with hair falling down her slightly arched back, and spanish moss backlit through her slightly spread legs.

When the sun shined through her dress, it was obvious she wasn't wearing panties... I could see her spanish moss.
by iiams August 28, 2005
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A term used on meet-up sites like Craigslist to denote a person who will bring coke, or possibly tradde coke for favors. A woman looking for coke is a ski bunny. A guy looking for coke can be referred to as a ski bum, but the better definition of that term is someone who always bums coke.
Ski bunny looking for ski instructor. I like mountains with multiple lifts, long lines, and no ski bums.
by iiams October 5, 2005
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An utterance that is so stupid, funny, or ironic that it epitomizes life in New York City and deserves submission to Overheard in New York.
You're in a Brooklyn diner and hear a kid reading the want ads exclaim, "Hey this company wants a biotch!" His friend looks at it and says, "That says biotech, you dumbass." You've got an overheard and you need to share it with the rest of the world.
by iiams August 28, 2005
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One person in a group, like one egg in a carton. Almost always evaluated as good or bad, as when checking the carton for quality.
I like them, especially Joe... he's a good egg.


They're nice for the most part, but watch out for Joe... he's a bad egg.
by iiams October 5, 2005
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The only known derogatory reference to a Filipino. Akin to Chink for Chinese, Nip for Japanese, Spick for Hispanic, Dago for Italian, etc.
The food on Fear Factor is stuff a Flipper would eat on any given Sunday.


What reeks in here? It smells like a Flipper opened a jar of salted shrimp paste.

by iiams September 20, 2005
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