A board game sold by Parker Bros. based off of a Victorian-era parlor game. The name comes from joining the French & German word for yes “oui” & ja” together. The pointer moves because of overcompensation by one person to the involuntary hand movement of the other, which is why it takes two people to work. Once the pointer start moving, one person subconsciously “answers” the question asked the other asked and involuntarily moves towards the answer. Which is why “the board” only answers in languages the players speak and can’t answer questions to which the players don't know.

The only satanic thing about this game is the amount of money Parker Bros. make off of this scam.
"Ouija, who were the first two men in space?"

Players & Board:
by Tragic Story September 28, 2004
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A Parker brothers game originating from talking boards which have been around for centuries. The board is similar to a game board, with yes, no, ouija, the full alphabet, the numbers 0-9 and goodbye printed on it. includes a planchette which is a heart shaped piece of plastic on three legs with a clear piece of plastic for viewing. You play by placing the planchette on the board and putting your fingers on the planchette, usually played in groups of two or more. The planchette moves by itself, according to people that believe that the ouija board communicates with spirits. Some people believe that the people playing are moving the planchette subconsiously. Supposed to fortell the future and know all by some. A staple of teenage sleepovers and horror movies starting teenagers.
The Ouija board said that I'm going to marry David.
by Evil Bella January 7, 2004
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dangerous. It allows bad spirits to communicate with you and invited them into your home in order to do it. So if you want your home haunted with evil spirits or demons. go ahead! If you want to ever sell your house and/or be able to sleep at night. dont.
Phool: Yeah man I'v got this Ouija board! lets have a game!
Phil: No thanks, thats for idiots.
Phool: Spoil sport
Phil: Bye
Evil Spirit: I'm going to kill you in 5...4...3...2...1...
by Sally-Bob March 31, 2005
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Yeah it'll definately invite evil spirits into your home like in the Exorcist or The Evil Dead.
I really wouldn't play it if I were you.Ouija boards are creepy.
by life is disturbing September 11, 2005
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A board game for talking to evil spirits.

It's not designed to talk to god.It's designed to talk to someone else OTHER than god.
A board game designed to get you "possessed" by the devil.
by It's bad January 5, 2005
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straight up hippie bullcrap that'll get your ass infected by satan or one of his demons in no time flat

not the other evil parker brothers game
MONOPOLY which is anti-free-market and is all about greed
by Ren Hoek II September 8, 2004
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A satanic marketing ploy used to implant satanic messages into your childrens heads BY form of board game.
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