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The cop's version of going on strike. Since they can't legally strike they all call in sick.
When the city threatened to reduce pensions, the NYPD came down with a bad case of the blue flu.
by Tragic Story December 22, 2004

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The favorite chant of red sox fans.
Yankees suck! Yankees suck! Yankees suck! (you get the idea)
by Tragic Story February 27, 2004

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A board game sold by Parker Bros. based off of a Victorian-era parlor game. The name comes from joining the French & German word for yes “oui” & ja” together. The pointer moves because of overcompensation by one person to the involuntary hand movement of the other, which is why it takes two people to work. Once the pointer start moving, one person subconsciously “answers” the question asked the other asked and involuntarily moves towards the answer. Which is why “the board” only answers in languages the players speak and can’t answer questions to which the players don't know.

The only satanic thing about this game is the amount of money Parker Bros. make off of this scam.
"Ouija, who were the first two men in space?"

Players & Board:
by Tragic Story September 28, 2004

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Garbage In; Garbage Out
"I heard Microsoft is coming out with another update."

"pfft, GIGO."
by Tragic Story February 27, 2004

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A forensic's "in-joke" meaning shot. Made prominent by Dr. Snow, a leading froensic archaeologist.
Cause of death: acute lead poisoning in the cranium. (shot in the head)
by Tragic Story December 22, 2004

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New favorite chant of Boston Red Sox fans, seeming to overtake yankees suck in popularity this season.
Baaaallll-Cooo Baaaallll-Cooo
by Tragic Story April 19, 2004

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Ultimate Fighting Championship. Originally a multi-style free for all which was dominated by Royce Grace of the Grace Jujitsu family. There were 3 rules: No biting, no eye gouging, stop when the opponent taps out. Eventually, this became a joke as a serious fight and now has the feel of staged entertainment. New rules include rounds, points, TKO, throwing in the towel and the 5 minute “grand entrances” and trash talk about settling “grudges.”
I just saw UFC 248! 3 hours of trash talking, 20 minutes of "fighters" circling each other and 5 seoncds of fighting before the ref called the match! And it only cost $14.99 on pay per view!
by Tragic Story December 22, 2004

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