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Way of thinking, think's for self, not accepting of all ideas, including religion....a group of people who come together to promote critical thinking and self thought....

Man:Hey, you see John Edwards last night? He talked to the dead!

Skeptic: He uses something called Cold Reading, he isn't even very good at it.

Man:.....Smart ass

Skeptic: Dumb ass.
by AGENT-ADAIR November 22, 2005
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Colloquially refers to a pseudo intellectual cynic who hides behind the rouse of critical thinking to support their lack of belief in anything they haven't read in Scientific American.

They think they know everything about everything when in actuality a skeptic is the mirror image of the people they despise because they believe what they want to believe despite evidence to the contrary.
Yoga instructor: Namaste

Skeptic: There is no evidence that yoga is beneficial for anything. Any claims of the healing power of yoga can only be attributed to a placebo effect.

Yoga instructor: What a douche.
by HmmmIsee March 16, 2011
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A narrow minded individual who thinks viewing everything in a highly critical and suspicious lens makes him/her smart.

This behavior only serves to make the individual look like a poser intellectual, and an prick who takes the fun out of everything.
Skeptic: This magic show is just a bunch of illusions, nobody can do all this.

Person B: Why the hell did you bother coming to ruin the fun, dickwad.
by ixbo45 July 23, 2009
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A pseudo-critical thinker and intellectual wannabe. Generally exhibits the following markings:

1. a tendency to completely misunderstand intellectual concepts such as burden shifting in a debate;

2. holding out as an authority on subjects about which he or she has no training or expertise;

3. an inability to respond to any argument or evidence beyond bleeting tired cliches memorized from JREF web forums, "Amazing Meetings" or from such intellecutal "giants" as Richard Dawkins, James Randi, and their ilk;

4. a slavish devotion to science, despite not having seriously, or even not at all, pursued an education or career in a given discipline;

5. a killjoy with a supernatural ability to suck the fun and life out of any gathering of people simply by entering the room.
Oh God, here comes Frank the skeptic. Let's get out of here before he starts bloviating about "the rampant rise of irrationality in society, and kills the party for everybody.
by AnnoJm July 24, 2009
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