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The word that holds the record for the most definitions at urbandictionary.com at 1,181.
Come on. Cheer up, emo kid.
by Marshall Rousso September 20, 2006

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Gamers who spend their free time (and probably their work time) talking about how great Nintendo is; defending the company despite various disastrous business ventures and decisions.

They have plenty of time on their hands to stuff online polls at GameFaq when they involve Nintendo franchises, to explain why companies don't want to develop software for their consoles, why Nintendo is better than Sony and MS when it comes to their bottom line and how Wii was made for them in mind instead of the "people who don't play games".

They are a misguided group, these fanboys.
Nintendo fanboys are lame, says Scott.
by Marshall Rousso September 23, 2006

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Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The population of the city is 820,000. Ottawa is a city that has seen massive growth in every sector in the last 15 years. It is a clean, beautiful city and attracts tourists all year around. Home to many museums, the Peace Tower and Parliament Hill, the finest restaurants and plenty of trendy bars, clubs and eateries in the Byward Market.

Also, the home to two casinos, the best gentlemen's clubs where you can put your hands all over the merchandise, an NHL franchise in the Ottawa Senators and a significant population of French-Canadians and Somalians. Low violent crime rate and easy to get around.

I rate Ottawa as the second coolest city in the country after Calgary. This is a city on the rise; being just a sleepy government town isn't what it is any longer.

Oh yeah, nasty winters with snow and ice but people love that kind of weather and they need it for the Rideau Canal (longest skating rink in the world) and Winterlude.

So Ottawa is fine. It just isn't Las Vegas...although you could pretend!
I lived in Ottawa for 31 years. Fine city. It beats Las Vegas in several regards.
by Marshall Rousso September 13, 2006

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An overrated actor who specializes in couch jumping, promoting $cientology and painting himself into corners with his lies and contradictions. Has had several high profile sham weddings and relationships to hide the fact that he is a homosexual.
Wow, look at Tom Cruise's new mop-top haircut. He looks like John Lennon, only with less dignity.
by Marshall Rousso September 13, 2006

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The new racism that was invented by leftists.
Political correctness is really nothing more than a new way to promote prejudice
by Marshall Rousso October 18, 2006

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What a butterface gets done in order for men to find her attractive. These women feel that big boobs will negate their ugly faces when the better choice would have been to get the plastic surgery done on said butterface.
Most WWE Divas had boob jobs to hide the fact they are butterfaces.
by Marshall Rousso September 20, 2006

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Conservative pundit (with libertarian leanings) who used to co-host Crossfire. Now appearing on Dancing With The Stars or some other lame reality T.V. show. Used to wear bow ties. Compared Canada to "a retarded cousin" when he himself LOOKS like the retarded cousin.
Tucker Carlson: Canada is like my retarded cousin.
Canada: Yeah, but you look like the retarded cousin. Fuck off, you dancing fool.
by Marshall Rousso October 18, 2006

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