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Origin: Sweden
Noun: Sundin
Verb: Sundining, Sundin
Adj: Sundinesh

To entertain the internal debate of what sports team you want to sign to. This is usually done by an extremely talented athlete. The motive for this sin is the knowledge that your team sucks and gets no attention so you must seek attention by other means. It can cause sports fans to go insane and suffer painful stress due to the fact that a mega star could go to you favorite team or your rival team. It is the counterpart of being loyal to where you got your fame and to your team, a.k.a Alfreding
Green Bay Packers fan-"Man Brett Favre can't decide where he wants to play football!"

New England Patriots fan-"tsk, tsk. He's just Sundining everybody."

by PETER-FORSBERG-fan July 26, 2008
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