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The best hockey team in the NHL!
R.L: Did you see that hockey game againts Toronto?
M.T: Yeah, Ottawa kicked T.O's ass. It was like 8-0!
by R.L January 08, 2006

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1.The Greatest Country on Earth!
2.We have a Tim Horton's store in almost every street corner.
3.Our Prime Minister knows how to handle a country.
4.We are the second largest country in the world.
5.We don't like Bush!
6.We don't make fun of Asians.
7.We have freedom of speech.
8.We can call our leaders assholes and they won't care.
9.We don't deport people! (AMERICA!!)
10.Our beer tastes like beer!
11.We like our poloce officers!
and of Course
12.We have our own 12 days of Christmas!
Canada kicks ass eh?
by R.L January 08, 2006

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