Otep (anagram for Poet) is a band featuring a lead female singer, Otep Shamaya. Arguably the only female singer who can pull off such a style, screamo/heavy metal. Otep herself is a poet and writes all her songs from her heart, based on past experiances, political opinions, and mochary of Christianity. Otep is thought of as a religion by its fans, looked up to like a Messiah, the fans even have a religious style name for themselves, "Shadow Soliders."

"But through the veins of decay
I'll remain to betray
To live like Caesar
To die like Jesus
To build my own religion
No gods, no laws
To celebrate pain
Forsaken and ashamed
To watch them all
Crawl beneath us
On this bed of nails and regret
Dying of fevers, betrayal, and sweat
I cry" - Nein

The lyrics of the band are hard hitting and well worded, and often people are connected and can relate to the lyrics the first or second time they here them. Otep is a fantastic poet and all her songs seem to be exactly what the fans are feeling, but cant find the words to describe it themselves.

"If god is my father, I am an orphan" Shattered Pieces
"I remember suffering, I remember feeling in the sting of childhood injections, holy bruises, sweet infections" - Emptee
"My sanity wrote a suicide note but one of us is illiterate
And the other is blind" - Nein
"I am my own creation, I am self-made" - Self-Made
"I forfeit resurection to escape the pain, I hate my life" - Buried Alive

Oteps first album, Jihad, was released in June, 2001 with only five tracks. Sevas Tra (Art Saves) was released June 02, and the most recent, House Of Secrets, released 04. Otep is currently (as of july 2006) recording their next album, due out on 2007.

Oteps website, http://www.otep.com features a self-expression art project called Eye am Eye. Fans send in their faveroit self expression pictures of themselves, and Otep puts it on the website for viewers. Also avalible on the website are music videos, downloads, merchendise, and help websites for gay and lesbian teens (because Otep herself is a lesbian) people who are getting abused, raped, preganat, and so on.

Shadow Soldiers
Your suffering will save you - Otep Shamaya
by Rizz Bynum July 29, 2006
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A certain definition has remarked that Otep has done nothing about the activism she encourages. This is a glaring error. Activism is about awareness to bring about change, and her songs are acutely aware of serious problems in our society that the masses and leaders ignore. Issues such as rape, violence against women, child abuse, dependency, alienation, and other such issues that are too "touchy" or "icky" for most people to even fathom. In the more conventional aspect of activism, one has merely to visit her website to see the ways she works to reach out to people.

Otep deserves praise for her blunt disregard for music 'niceties' and PC lyricism. As a poet, one merely must understand her intentions in writing. If one does that, it is clear the poignant artistry in her work. The rawness of voice and instrument are symbollic of the topic at hand, and seeing as these topics SHOULD enrage and infuriate anyone who knows about them, what better way to express frustration against a social brick wall?

To the weak of mind and weak of spirit, or if you don't like metal, Otep is not for you. It is for those who have a longing for an honest, unralenting, fierce opinon. We have too little of those today.
Otep's Save Darfur Fund
Message board
Internet options for those who seek help/advice
by missa63 January 15, 2007
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an anagram of POET..
-high priestess of music
-a great metal band whose lead singer is a poet herself and has the best followers ever, d SHADOW SOLDIERS...
Your suffering will free you!
-Otep Shamaya
by jihad November 25, 2003
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Female fronted art-metal band from Los Angeles. Latest album is "House of Secrets" (2004). Jim Morrison, Korn & Slipknot, with a heavier edge.
I got tossed in the pit at the Otep show.
by stiletto June 22, 2005
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the best band on this insignificant
OTEP the person is hot
"If god was my father, than I would be an orphan"
-Otep Shemaya

"My sanity wrote a suicide note, one of us is illiterate while the other ones blind"
-Otep Shemaya
by GodsOrphan November 8, 2004
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A band that plays metal (sort of like Slipknot, but not really), creepy music and there's (ugh) some rap mixed in it. Fronted by a woman, many of their songs are about creativity. Their debut album, "Sevas Tra", is "Art Saves" backwards.
Otep is:
1. An anagram for poet
2. Destroyer/Creator in the Alchemists Book "Mutus Liber" - key to the chemical wedding between the worlds of the seen & unseen
3. A Keltic Warrior from the Em Se, voice of psychotropic revelry
4. Egyptian (I think maybe it's ancient Egyptian)for "Creative Offerings"
Songs: My Confession, Battle Ready, Jonestown Tea
by Ryan McNamara November 25, 2003
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