what your goods are when you violate the law
Stop! You have violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.
by evilhorse November 27, 2019
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1. It's a verb used to tell someone that s/he loses a right,possession,etc or has it taken away from her/him.

2. Something that's taken away from you or something that you've to pay because you've broken a rule or made a mistake.
1. Because she was fucking absent with what her boyfriend told her, she forfeited the right to appeal.

2. I've forfeited my freaking right to name my son after me father.

3. Yeah, if we lose this game we'll have to pay a forfeit.
by Joao "JD" Nsingui October 3, 2007
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A female member of a co-ed sports team that is not particularly skilled, but is necessary to fulfill the minimum required number of females on the field so the team will not have to forfeit the match.
"Henrietta hasn't played soccer before, she's the 'forfeit kitten' today...but who cares if she can't play, at least she looks damn hot in those knee socks and shin guards..."
by Unkle G March 5, 2009
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Noun-The Rules of Forfeit are the rules for any game that can be played with a friend.

1. The Rules of Forfeit state that whenever a person is not moving,contributing or playing the game. That person has exactly 5 minutes to make a move or do an action.

2. A person cannot keep making small advances to cancel the rules. Such as in the popular game of Hide n' Seek, the person who is it cannot stand there for 4 minutes then take a couple of steps and wait for the timer to go down again.

3. If a person has been forced to forfeit, they are disqualified from the game and will be known as, The Forfeiter.

4. As a punishment for a forfeiter, They get one item of there desire taken away at any time.
1."Hey, its been 5 minutes!"
"Your right, Emilios disqualified!"

2."No, please dont take my cake, i will never forfeit again!"

3."Perskys been taking forever!"
"You do realize that hes disqualified because of the Rules of Forfeit, right?"
by MasterCK March 12, 2009
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A month-long meme challenge, like No Nut November, that involves abstaining from fapping for the entire month of February.

There are two modes: Alpha Mode for the hardcore cumrades, and Beta Mode for the cucks that still wanna look at porn and edge.
Bloke #1: Hey Liam, now that Just Jesus January is over, wanna do Forfeit Fapping February?

Bloke #2: Nah Harry, I'll think I'll pass 'cause I've been holding in the World's Biggest Nut.

Harry: But it's our only chance to finally annihilate the furries off the face of the Earth, mate.

Liam: Holy shit, it's game on then!
by VampyWeeksFan February 2, 2019
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When masturbating, right before blowing your load, yell "MOM!" or "DAD!" and try to finish before said person enters the room. Fap Forfeit February is a challenge and you need to do it once every day until the 28th February
Yo man my mom just caught me doing Fap Forfeit February challenge, so now im grounded.
by trippiehomo December 28, 2017
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A challenge where you can’t play fortnite for the whole month of february. Hey, you might finally lose your virginity during it.
“Hey man, you participating a Forfeit Fortnite February?”

Hell no.”

“Alright guess I’m the only one getting my dick sucked.”
by maryyoman December 31, 2019
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