A damn good hard rock band that sounds like '79 era stuff with today's energy. Nice band to see live.
I saw Priestess doing the opening act for Motorhead
by Jebberz March 17, 2006
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a beautiful woman.

someone who follows the lores of God, obviously harmonizing with the people and their interests.

they are often warriors or "priests" that have a prophecy or a message to bring to the world. they are only on Earth temporarily, leaving when the task is done.

anyone can be a priestess as long as 1)female and 2)beautiful, but true priestesses are kind, true and clever and honest to the bone.

their uniform consists of the
i)white large western shirt (long and tucked into the bottoms) with flowing sleeves and are often split or detachable
ii)red/crimson/darkcrimson pants that almost touch the ground, sweeping the feet and natural plants

priestesses are often tall, mature and wise.

they are brave and go to places men fear to tread. often safe places that are natural or modestly beautiful. they like to protect humans
we need a priestess to exorcise this small patch of ground

ok we don't get what this means where's the priestess!

who hung up my clothes! gee it must be the priestess
by priestessess April 30, 2007
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1. A class on Ragnarok Online with sexy stockings and an innocent look just waiting to be corrupted 2. Food for Koei, the priestess eater, often found being dragged to Koei's room /gg
I'm hungry...I think I'll eat that priestess Mugi.
by Koei February 23, 2005
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A class in Ragnarok Online used to prey on unsuspecting priests and cloud their judgement, leaving their party/friends to die mercilessly without heals.
Priestess: "tee hee hee"
Priest: ...!!!
Soon to be dead guy: "Wow this guy hits really hard... Hey I'm getting kinda low, can I get a heal? ...Augustine? Hey, Augustine? ...Oh, crap"
by RoTank April 3, 2006
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Also known as a Kahlua Hot Chocolate, this rich drink hits the spot on a cold day. Initially named in a cute attempt to get a girl tipsy, its now lovingly used in reference to a well known community organizer.
There's nothing better than a Naughty Priestess to warm you up!
by Aetheri November 27, 2019
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This is typically a person of jewish decent. Its a great honor to be this. Usually a quite attractive person, but is a super simple bitch you can also call her No Booty Judy but she'll get mad and push you down ... :(
Person 1: hey what are you doing
Person 2: oh nothing just trying to find Natasha
Person 1: OMG shes such a high priestess jew
Person 2: loliknow but shes my high priestess jew
Person 1: oh lawdy shes a QT
Person 2: fuck off shes my no booty judy
Person 1: oh...um okay...i was just saying-
Person 2: shut up, leave......
by l0$+b0y4lyf3 January 11, 2012
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"High Priestess Colby has smited the foul musical presence of a certain band we'd rather not name."
by tehone March 23, 2004
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