A small town located near the very north central part of Iowa.

While it has nice locations and areas to live in, many of the people can be complete asshats to one another. The amount of idiots and pretentious fucktards here is quite high.

About 75% of the people are alcoholics and even the underage ones are probably are ready to become ones. the other 25% are probably on meth or chew.

Looking for a good high school too? Don't come here. While there's no physical bullying involved, there's still a fuckload of drama.

And like many schools, and even more so here, don't even think about being different or not conforming. People will alienate you and treat you like shit. The teachers are oblivious to all of this happening too.

There's also like no ethnic diversity too.. so much that our county was named the whitest one in the nation.

parker: hey, where you from, man?
bob: osage..
parker: hahaha, that sucks. How's hell doing?
by LuminescentPear January 29, 2011
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A small, family friendly, warm and cozy town
While it may be a small town, that doesn't mean that everyone who lives here are alcoholics/drug addicts. Yeah, there is drinking but what town isn't going to have that?

As far as the drug use? really? I don't think there is even a problem with that.

Yes, there is drama, but I believe that everywhere you go is going to have drama and if you haven't figured that out by now then I think you are completely oblivious to how the world works.

In all honesty I would rather live some where that everyone knows me. You learn to know each other and care about one another. If you lived in a big city how many people do you really think would give a flying "F" about you? hardly any. Whoever wrote that 2nd definition is completely cold hearted and obviously is only basing their opinion on something that happened to them which probably at the time did a great deal of hurt but now would be a silly reason to give Osage a bad rep.

Osage is an awesome town and great for a new family just starting out. In the end it is nice knowing that everyone is looking out for you.

I really don't think it is appropiate to drop "F" bombs on a site like this. It makes you sound really dumb.

by kissesforyou March 22, 2011
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A tribe that was once a part of the greater northern indian nations, but became disillusioned with ice cream and all things squishy. They are the lost children of the awesome Northern tribes.

to be osage, is to claim Hominy is the center of the world, were in fact....it is a mere dust pie along the upper regions of oklahoma.
yeah....must be osage
by goldgrill July 19, 2010
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The abode of condemned souls and devils in some religions; the place of eternal rewards for the college student after midnight, presided over by T-Storm.

Also known to host the infamous, Lebostock.
Dude, did you go to Lebostock in '06? It was at 917 Osage.

Fuck it, I'm going to 917 Osage.
by Websters Dictionary 2006 September 12, 2006
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The act of being a middle school principal drunk driving in a 2001 jeep Cherokee SUV with 190 HP 4.0L 6-cylinder engine.
Definition: I were at the bar and my friend wanted to do the Osage principal
by Xxxjmarleyxxx February 21, 2023
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When a person eats hot sauce and give another person a rim job.
Mary hasn't been able to sit down for 2 days after I gave her an Osage Sunset
by Blazin Names September 16, 2019
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