Random body contortions that occur when having an intense orgasm.
Apparently she's never been with anyone like me cause she said it was the first time she had an orspasm
by That Second Other Guy January 17, 2009
an involuntary contraction of the bottom foot muscles which is usually very painful and results in an orgasm face; can usually be alleviated by standing on the affected foot
I was sitting on my foot last night when suddenly i had an orspasm. It hurt like hell.
by greenteaism3 December 14, 2010
When you have a spasm during an orgasm
Dude last night when Jennifer came over, I had an orspasm
by isesan January 2, 2020
When one beats sexual partner into comatose state during their orgasmic period.
I gave her an orspasm
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
the act of spazzing out after having an orgasm, and realizing who you just had sexual intercourse with
*orgasm noise* "MOM?!?!?!?!" *orspasms*
by raikon ryonae chemlyk January 5, 2011
The act of when one sees something that they extremely like, and pulls the face of an orgasm, and the movement of a spazz attack.
A woman walks down the road and through the shop window she sees a pair of amazing shoes. She then has an orspasm
by Somegayguy March 5, 2012