3 definitions by That Second Other Guy

When you play into the bullshit given to you by a potential hookup as if it were true. Can be used or lived by either gender.
Guy 1: "Bro, you know she's lying about how much she makes right? She's actually a cashier at McDonald's."
Guy 2: "Man, have you seen how hot she is? I'm just living the lie."
by That Second Other Guy December 12, 2015
A slight feeling of being hungover. Not to the point of puking but enough to make your day difficult.
Man, I had a few too many last night, now I've got this alcoheadache
by That Second Other Guy August 29, 2009
Random body contortions that occur when having an intense orgasm.
Apparently she's never been with anyone like me cause she said it was the first time she had an orspasm
by That Second Other Guy January 17, 2009