She is a great person. She is loyal, weird, beautiful, and absolutely hilarious. She has an awesome personality.
Caden: Is that Orli??
Mackenzie: Omg ya, she glowed up over the summer so much!! Im so jealous!
by Fijiwater444 October 28, 2019
Orli is the most amazing girl who hates being judged and likes to rebel. She sometimes gets a bit angry,( which suits her red hair!) and likes to show what she is passionate about in the weirdest ways possible
Me:“ OMG! Is that the girl who lives down the road? I’ve heard she’s called Orli!”

My bff: “ yes, she’s got the red hair, blue eyes and is carrying a football. Totally her!”
by CHOCOLATTTTEEEE November 18, 2019
A gooey substance found on your lawn.
Sarah: Eww what's that?
Jimmey: Oh, Carl came round earlier and found an Orli.
by omg jarjar binks March 18, 2009
A really grabby lightskin hoe that thinks she's all that. She's probably seen eating crusty bagels with tiny olives or laughing at the most obscure things such as a dog dying on the side of the road and judges her friends a if she were all that even though she stays workin at a part time job at old navy after cheer practice.
Gabe: Look at that crackhead on the side of the road!
Liam: I bet her name is Orli!
by honker724 October 28, 2019
An Internet term mainly used in games that is substituted for "Oh, Really?"
Person #1: I defeated the monster.
Person #2: orly
by Grant Lockhart July 7, 2005
An internet phrase, used a quick substitue as " Oh Really"
Usually shown with an Owl
Owl 1# Little bro, your adopted
Owl 2# ORLY?
by Korruptive March 30, 2006
A short form of the phrase, "Oh, really?" Most often used when connotating sarcasm to the response. Also used to reply to an obvious statement
Connor: I'm so good because I've been playing video games since I was 2

Jen: That's dubious
Connor: orly?

Timmy: It's raining, we'll get wet if we step out.
Johnny: orly?
by xs4bidden May 4, 2010