1.(n) A tangy, citrus carbonated beverage often found in the back of bodega's or on the menu at pseudo-french bistros.

2.(adj.) Italian girl who has applied too many coats of self tanner.
Half the girls at Manhattan College are Oranginas. Or they commute from Orlando every day.
by Mikelley January 30, 2006
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when you like a girls clit and it tastes like an orange.
Guy: Hey man. what did you do last night with your girlfriend?

Other Guy: I gave her oral. Man she has an orangina!
by BonanzaGuru April 18, 2008
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A tasty soft drink that fills your mouth with the pleasure of orange soda and vagina. Heavily advertised in the movie the trasporter.
-This orangina rocks it taste just like a vagina too!
--Dude youve never tasted vagina before
-Fuck you
by Blake June 07, 2003
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Woman with poorly applied fake tan that gives the appearance of being orange.
"Did you see Shirley after she came out of the tanning salon? What an Orangina!"
by Ruth Scott August 07, 2006
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pronounced (o-ran-jy-na)

A girl's vagina after a good fingering, subsequent to eating cheetos.
The cheetos were delicious, but giving her an orangina made them spectacular.
by SkyFood October 07, 2009
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1. A vagina with jaundice.
2. A sissy who has jaundice.
1. I wouldn't go anywhere near that orangina I hear jaundice is contagious
2. Not only is he a pussy, but he has jaundice! What an orangina!
by Joe Kow October 04, 2005
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