An orange is a tasty fruit, not to be confused with the other popular fruit, the red
Man: awwhh mate this orange is so delish

Man#2: nah that’s a fucken red mate, are you dumb or some shit?
by cant Think of a name November 29, 2019
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Type of stupid fuck that would pretend to be close with you to date your family member
Guy 1: ight Nigga I'm out I'm not finna be here with him

Guy 2: Dude I thought you guys where close what happen

Guy 1:He became an orange
by Renagadebitch1029384756 July 14, 2017
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A orange is a fruit the was stepped on by an unobserved person walking and playing on their phone
Black guy: Hey watch your foot N-word

Guy: Aw man I stepped on that orange!
by Dohdbdkkd April 11, 2019
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