Orange is a verb to describe what happens when you go to the bathroom and orange stuff leaks out because you're taking the weight loss pill Alli and ate some fatty food.
I'm taking Alli and just ate a double quarter pounder. I know I'm going to orange later.
by anothergirl January 2, 2012
A fruit that comes in it's own nature made wrapper,. The person who named it was the least creative human to exist in the fucking multiverse, like seriously who the fuck did that? Also a cheap one time use sex boy if you're into that weird shit.
Yo John, what's the best fruit? It's a Banana, that Orange their can get shoved up an asshole.
by Fuck nugget magee October 21, 2018
Oranges are a fruit with excellant design, they come precut!
They are a citrus based fruit with a orange peel. They are the ONLY fruit with the same name and color. although you have to peel them, the peel is legal leave on the streets in many countrys citys and states.
person1: "hey would you like a apple?"
Person2: "no thanks i am going to have this orange."
person1: "why? apples are better"
person3: "rawr"
by YOUR PSEUDONYM! December 9, 2009
A very annoying fruit that like to hang out on Youtube with a Pear. Also, brings various other fruits to their deaths.
Orange - "Hey apple, apple hey, hey, hey, hey apple.....knife"

*apple gets sliced apart*
by Jonesus April 15, 2011
Orange is the color between red and yellow. Red is often nature's color of danger or caution, and orange is almost as dangerous and cautionary! Orange gets your attention and tells you "Hey, you see that guy in the red shirt over there? That's the most dangerous guy in the room, and I'm the next most dangerous guy after him because my shirt is orange. If the guy in the red shirt wasn't here, that would make me the most dangerous guy so watch out!" Guys who wear red shirts will usually show up to a place just to be the most dangerous guy in the room wearing the red shirt though, that's less pressure on the color orange.
Oh that orange sign ahead is telling me there's road construction. Well, I'm glad nobody got hurt today.
by Solid Mantis May 10, 2017
When something/someone is ugly, stupid, weird, gross or just bad in general.
“Bruh, you’re so orange.”

“Why are you being so orange.”

“You’re a stupid orange rat
by Arnold47 October 17, 2018