Color: her orange jacket is so out of style
Fruit: can I have a orange for breakfast
by Obviousb1tch April 26, 2022
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An adjective referring to the qualities associated with the color worn by the Orangemen of Northern Ireland. These qualities include being a Unionist, a Protestant and a worthless Limey bastard.
It was fitting John wore an orange shirt on St.Patrick's Day because he was an orange unionist heathen bastard.
by oz November 7, 2003
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Having to be hidden from your true identity.
I want to talk about my boyfriend but management is keeping me orange.
by Maze Runnerr June 24, 2014
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A fruit, or the description of a rich ignorant business man who has orange skin and orange hair. These sorts of people are generally hated by most and are described as disgusting humanoids.
"Mom do we have any food in the house?"
"Yeah we have some fruit."
"Any Oranges?"
by Lazy Town Is Life November 30, 2016
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Trump cuz he looks like a crippled up big ass orange who tumbled his ass outta the sewer and somehow just kept gettin oranger
Hey look at that big ass orange over there!

Who, Trump?
Yes mf
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1.a particular species of girl
2.height impaired person
3.question of life name for union officials
1.she is as sweet as an orange
2.she aint getting any closer to the ground, what an orange.
3.ask me if i am an orange? on floor sif union my ass off
by Ben September 8, 2003
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Someone or something that is believably ugly or gross.
by Nevermindthetime July 4, 2009
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