A inteligent being hwos best friend is a potato and llamas can be really nice or mean if it wants to you make orange mad and it will kill you
All hail the orangeee
by Potato sanchez February 7, 2018
To describe someone who is the opposite of life itself. When someone is so annoying but you can't swear in school.
Stop being such an orange!
by Damitch April 6, 2016
People who misuse fake tan
They generally attend Pilates classes wearing a full face of makeup


Aka Oompa Loompa
Omg that Sarah is such an orange- did you see her fake tan?!’
by Arr79 February 3, 2022
Adjective used to describe someone with a nice figure.

Psychostick reference that describes someone who is round, juicy, and sweet.

Psychostick (Comedy Metal Band)
Dude, she's totally an orange.

Check out that orange over there.
by Starwind237 October 14, 2009
Slang for awesome, cool, hip.
That coaster was so orange.
by sunny809 March 17, 2009
Person 1: Have you heard of Donald Trump?
Person 2: Oh you mean THAT Orange motherfucker
by YerBoiIsLife November 15, 2016