The idea that everything is best, and all things happen for a greater purpose. In other words, a waste of time.
Oh, look, there's an optimist on the street thinking he will one day be able to walk and live like a normal person when he's a paraplegic with no arms, legs, and the speech ability of Helen Keller.
by SecHuMusicGod January 27, 2015
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People who see the world through rose-colored glasses, people who are unrealistic, people who have no actual lives if they think the world is good. Ignorance is Bliss, after all
Optimist: Yay! We're being tortured!
Normal Person: That's not a good thing. I'm in pain, and you probably are, too.
Optimist: Oh my god you bitch/bastard you're such a pessimist this is why nobody likes you and you have no friends
by Yeah Okay July 14, 2005
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People who see life in the best possible light, or at least as being generally good. The most horrible, obnoxious people in the world.
"The glass is half-full!"
"Get that god damn water out of my glass, asshole! Did it ever occur to you I might have left it empty for a REASON?! HUH?! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!"
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An optimist is usually a person who always remains happy and cheerful despite various problems that arise. Besides being wonderful, joyful people to be around, they can also be dangerously unrealistic and at times, wickedly annoying. That is, if you're a pessimist. Optimists are generally loved and appreciated by society; however they are hated and despised by pessimists. (Who are boring, whining people).
Person: Ah! I just lost my leg!
Optimist: Don't worry! Maybe... you'll become a talented wheelchair basketball player!!
by sunnyface June 23, 2012
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Someone who lacks rational thinking or the understanding of Occam's Razor.
-Hey, check it out. Bob's mom just died, and he's confident she went to heaven.
-Nah, he's just an optimist.
by TheShameless May 29, 2009
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A kind of person who is most often a closet pessimist, and much like a pessimist can not see the virtue or value in any bad experiences. However, unlike a pessimist, who copes with that view by adopting the deluded, jaded notion that everything that can go wrong will go wrong so they aren't disappointed, the optimist follows the even more deluded notion that they will simply never have bad experiences.
Optimist: There's no way we're going to lose!
Pessimist: There's no way we will win...let's just quit while we're ahead...
Realist: I would honestly prefer to win, but it's also no biggie if we lose. Live and learn, right?
Optimist and Pessimist: ...Get out.
by BovineButthole October 16, 2017
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See also: idiot, buffoon, fool, intellectually underdeveloped, mongoloid, deserved rape victim
Dan tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the bridge and only ended up with a broken leg. An optimist walks up and says "Well, at least he didn't die."
by Brandon March 17, 2005
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