To have a shit, especially if caught short and no conventional toilet is available necesitating that the said shit is delivered from a low height, such as in the woods.

Extendible however to any situation where a person has removed themself in order to defecate.
Where has your wife gone?

Oh, she has just gone to coil one down, she will back shortly.
by JLMW September 2, 2011
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to smoke some Mary J Wanna aka the good shit from a joint or pipe or blunt or whatever makes you high man...
right on
if you dont like my fire, then dont come around, cuz im gonna burn one down =)
by sashbabe33XX November 19, 2004
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on your period; menstruating.

derives from the fact that when you are menstruating, the blood is a conduit for the expelled egg, which will no longer be able to become a child. When it hits the toilet, you flush it down.
Geez, MaryJane, why can't we can't have sex just 'cause you're flushin' one down? I was really hoping to get my red wings tonight.
by Shmouse May 23, 2005
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beating df out of your meat .
“ she jus blessed my snapchat, most definitely finna knock one down

“ aye cat , what took you so long ? “ “ i was knocking one down cuh my bad
by hollywoodmike October 27, 2019
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After having sex with a woman, while she is in the bathroom washing, you squat down and shit in her purse. IE curling shit and leaving it in the purse
Whe Im done with sex of any type, I curl a turd down and into the purse or bag of my partner. Curling one down
by masarasa May 27, 2008
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to produce excrement
(other slang:
Steam one out
Launch the submarine
Drop the kids off at the pool
Pinch a Loaf
move the bowels
stink it up
squat and grunt
revisit food post-digestion
feed mr. flushie
push one through
take a crap
make a shit storm
Clean the poop chute
roll a dirty burrito
making homemade sushi rolls
I'm about to explode. I gotta lay one down soon, to make room for dinner
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
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