When you piss or poo yourself because there are no pissing/pooing facilites located nearby. Generally there are two choices. Find a quiet spot and relieve yourself against a wall/parked car or if wearing dark trousers, run the risk of relieveing yourself in your pants.

Before the excretement occurs the individual can suffer large amounts of panic/anxiety before the event and embarrasment and disdain after the event, especially if witnessed by passers-by. If one manages to avoid getting caught short then the individual can enjoy a warm, triumphant feeling of relief and accomplishment.

Also getting "caught short" is a phenomenon largely related to binge drinking and is not gender specific!
Man 1: Mate are your trousers wet? Have you pissed yourself?

Man 2: Yeah I know - I got caught short ten yards away from the toilet. Nobody caught me in the act though as I faced the wall and pretended I was texting a friend! Complete fucking gayness but I got away with it!!
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When a girl sits on the ground in the shorts so you can see her thighs and buttcheeks. If they sit the other way you their vagina
"Shit man, did you see Jenny!! I totally short caught her!!
by The romancer March 11, 2014
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