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Only seeing in one direction.
Oblivious to other views and opinions.
Person 1: Homosexuality is wrong!
Person 2: But they've found love, surely if two people find...
Person 1: (Interrupts) IT'S WRONG!

Example of someone being One Eyed
by diamondmanizzle3 February 23, 2014
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To Be One Eyed, Meaning To Be Highly Intoxicated Where A Person Has To Shut One Eye To Get A Proper Visual Of His Or Her Surroundings Eg. Text Msgs, Door Handles, Girlfriend/Sister. An Act Most Commonly Found In The Tulsk Region Of Roscommon,Ireland.
Dave Is One Eyed Already. Ginger Tom Cant Find His Coat He Is That One Eyed. Gleeson Is Going To Get In A Row He Is That One Eyed.
by Goggins April 28, 2008
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Inbred, from a very remote place, and/or extremely ignorant. The logical extension of the notion that the more inbred one is, the closer-set their eyes.
My car broke down in such a one-eyed town that nobody'd ever even heard of a Kia.
by Logastella April 14, 2006
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The act of stealing any construction related items including tools.
somebody one-eyed my $400 hammer drill while still in its original box.
by Harry J. Hahr January 12, 2018
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