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That one place where you see a bunch of old ladies with mustaches.
I would like to go to Walmart to buy my new fake mustache.
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG April 13, 2017

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That one guy who was on that Slap Chop Ad who got fired and put in prison for prostitution.
"I used Slap Chop until i figured out that the host of the commercial got fired for prostitution"
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG April 13, 2017

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Spell it backwards and you will see.
Asian boy1: i hope you like to eat Tacos.
Asian boy2: No i like to eat Cats.
Asian boy1: Oh... Well, i guess we can have a Tacocat then.
Asian boy2: YAY!!!
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG October 14, 2017

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A long haired ginger person
Son: Mommy mommy!
Mom: what son?
Son: why does that person have red hair?
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG May 24, 2017

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Term/code name for your penis
I gotta go take the one eyed monster to the optometrist.
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG December 13, 2017

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When the doctors can't figure out what is wrong with you, so they get five or more doctors to stick their fingers in your asshole at once.
Guy: I'm ready Doc
Doc: This will not be a normal prostate
Guy: What do you mean?
Doc: Its a gonna be a Prostate Galore
guy: oh you motherf..... AAAHHH!!
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG October 26, 2017

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When your doing anal with your girlfriend and you pull your "log" out and you've got shit all over it.
Girl: I'm gonna give my boyfriend ants on a log later tonight.
by Tony GuizzettiKingTG December 12, 2017

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