Roscommon is the sexiest town in ireland all the girls are rides and the lads are tanks and beashts and rockfords is always buzzing. even though Roscommon Gaels are absolutely shite Roscommon is still the greatest town in ireland. From lios na mult to the racecourse road roscommon town, the greatest town in ireland always has stuff to do. If it's drink ur lookin for you can go to one of roscommons pubs theres about ten of them. If ur lookin for class food at a brilliant price go to zam zams.
jeasus roscommon are sexy beashts
by DEM-ROSSIES January 9, 2013
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Roscommon happens to be the best county in ireland we also are winners of a minor all-ireland in 2006 it may b a minor title bt how many of ye out der hav bet kerry in the last few years in an all-ireland final

we are miles better than the poor feckers in Leitrim and jesus even dubs r better than the stupid people of Mayo
and a common mistake with people saying of roscommon is that we r sheep shaggers BUT i repeat we are not sheep shaggers but the countys nickname is the SHEEP STEALERS
did ye c dat Roscommon lad hammer d shite outa that stupid Mayo gobshite
by Roscommon'sGreatest November 23, 2009
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A safe sex practice. Involves three steps. 1. Put a condom on your penis. 2. Unravel another condom and fill it with a few drops of Franks Red Hot Sauce. 3. Put the hot sauce condom over the condom that is already on your penis. This should only be used on dirty girls. If the hot sauce condom breaks, the girl will begin to scream, and you will know that you have to double up the condoms again.
Guy #1: Hey dude, I had sex with Jenny last night

Guy #2: Oh no bro, I'm pretty sure she has AIDS

Guy #1: I'm not worried about it, I roscommon wrapped my dick, I had to double it up three different times

Guy #2: Good call, her vagina is probably still on fire
by Joe Breezy January 11, 2011
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