It’s related to street beef (confrontations). Meaning, that’s it for this situation, this is as far as this shit goes. You can not reverse what has already happened no matter how hard you try. It’s me or you!

Also means something is or was Lit af.
“This shit on the floor, wrap n**** body in a sheet, turn him to a ghost!”

Brodie thought it was over, nah, this shit on the floor!”

“That block party was on the flo!(floor)”
by Atlanta native July 19, 2020
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When someone is dying of laughter so hard they fall on the floor(usually not literal)
"Remember when your ex boyfriend Marcus had sex with your best friend Jessica and then you found out a month or two later, they both have HIV? "

"I was on the floor"
by Send me ur nudes :) July 10, 2020
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To hit the acceleration pedal (or, in the US, gas pedal) to such extremities that it is parallel to the floor of a car. i.e. Hit maximum speed as quickly as physically possible.
by Will Millinship November 6, 2007
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The substance in which the floor is made of.
Hmm... yes... the floor here is made out of floor.
by Windows Error December 4, 2019
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A term describing the state of being saturated in a particular emotion. To be stunned or overwhelmed in this particular emotion so substantially that it ties up a measurable amount of mental resources. Sometimes can result in fatigue until the vexing complex is resolved. Usually associated with a NEGATIVE emotion unless otherwise noted.

Metaphorically similar to being held down to the floor by a force great enough that it takes a good deal of time to escape.
"I was completely floored all day after speaking to my doctor."

"After I broke up with Jenny I felt floored for weeks."

"I'm completely floored right now, I have no idea what I'm going to do."
by Creamy Lee August 5, 2007
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Something only men realize to be just a very low shelf.
"Dude, have you seen my underwear?"
"Try checking on the floor somewhere."
by Kaldaris March 23, 2004
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