The substance in which the floor is made of.
Hmm... yes... the floor here is made out of floor.
by Windows Error December 4, 2019
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A beautiful Dutch name and such a beautiful girl. She's very kind, caring, warm, lovely, smart, stunning, gorgeous, funny, hot, beautiful, musical, honest and a true sweetheart. She has the best music taste ever and when she plays a song on her guitar and sings, you could listen to her for days. A great best friend to have and she always makes you smile. You always can talk to her when you're sad. God.. she's so beautiful, especially when she smiles. Her blue eyes always tell you a story. Everytime when you see her, you can't wait till the next time you see her again. You won't regret knowing her. She's an angel in real life. In the future, one lucky guy will marry you.
by Reetjex December 26, 2016
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A meaningless search on something that wasn't really there; A suffering that extends beyond timelines
We do not talk about Floor...
by Azuredesuuu December 17, 2020
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1) To knock a person off of his/her feet, or to stun (eaxaggeration).
My statement about the latest stock market developments floored him; he was stunned.

Frazier floored Cosell with a huge left.
by Diggity Monkeez March 14, 2005
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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. She is intelligent, kind, honest and gives the best advice. Your deepest, darkest secrets are save with her. She will always be loyal to you and is a great catch. She also has a very nice booty ;)
Damn she is beautiful, she must be a Floor.
by WaveyBabey April 18, 2018
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Floor(N): (1: Very large place where lazy people put thier stuff.
(2: Place indoors where people walk.
(1:"Where's the remote?"
"On the floor."
"Where's the stove?"
"On the floor." <lights go out>
"Where's a torch?"

(2: "You walk on the floor"
by Marko November 11, 2004
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