Series of connected roads most commonly used to transport drugs and take part in the action.
Do you want to hit the route with this GB?
by puh_trish_uh_sir_bow September 14, 2017
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to drive around aimlessly while smoking marijuana usually with other people, but can be done alone
There's nothing going on tonight, so we're just gonna route all night.
by Stevie P June 05, 2006
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"We went to jail because cops pulled us over for routing."
by Dan Tomaszewski February 12, 2008
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In a battle, a rout is a complete desertion of a unit of troops. As apposed to a fall back or a retreat, a rout involves litteraly legging it as far and fast as possible. Used often by the french
The soldiers were so afraid they chose to rout.
by Vito21 June 22, 2006
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1) To defeat soundly.

2) A sound defeat.
1) Unfortunately, we were nonetheless routed in the championship game by Wortsford.

2) The game wasn't anywhere near close; we won by so much that even calling it a rout would be generous.
by Diggity Monkeez March 03, 2005
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