DJ is a person that is very cool and loving to most all people. He is a great boyfriend and is very very caring, love his fast cars and is really into computer. He is a guy that is really into is girlfriend.
wow Dj is a really great guy

yeah i wish he was my boyfriend
by missjml October 6, 2010
Dj : Dj is a name given to a rare type of man. If a child is given this name it means they are doomed to be an asshole from the get go. Why you may ask? Because Dj isint just a name. It’s also an abbreviation. The long way to say the name Dj is: Dumb Jerk.
Some also prefer: Dumb Jackass.
Choose your poison.
That’s what he is anyways.
Have fun slipping into a toxic relationship karen.
My ex boyfriend Dj cheated on me! Damn you karen!!!
by WhOoPWhoOpppp October 24, 2019
A nice person you can always count on. He will beat the crap out f you if you say hey to him.
by Mnkfjdzkblchuxdrjbrdfbjxkcfd December 9, 2019

a commonly used word to describe a hot guy it is a word mostly used For guys with huge dicks
by Aniggawithagun February 16, 2019
The most cool and funny and smartest person in the world
dj can make you laugh when you look at the person
by The bom April 23, 2017
The one and only. No one will ever care like Dj, he will do anything for someone in need. He will even hand your pod. Music and arts are a passion and a talent. Believes that the arts are to be loved and cherished. Speaks his mind, and doesn't take crap from ANYONE. If a Dj likes you, keep it that way, if not, run.
"OMG! It's Dj"

"I wouldn't get on Dj's bad side"

"When you're upset Dj, the world is sad."
by Lolkolkdp May 7, 2013