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Omarion is a very beatifull name because it has many meanings.
it stand for forever king of the african and also love
by carole B. April 24, 2005
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Omarion-A very talented young Black man, comin up in da world of music with B2K. Nice, Sexy, Handsome, and Devoted to his work. Hard-working and amazing
For example, you can tell he's hardworking cuz he is always performing. He eve performed on Thanksgiving Eve. that's hard work, and that's devotion to his job
by Josie November 27, 2003
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Omarion is a sexy african-american male that has mutliple talents. He is a very talented singer, author, actor, and writer. He is hated on by alot of people because he has what most people do not; TALENT. Omarion was in a group called B2K ,before they broke up in 2004 due to internal problems.He continues to pursue his solo career and was headliner of a tour; Scream Tour 4. In other words stop hatin

Omari- African King
by Relle..not a groupie February 27, 2006
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He is a sexy signer (former lead singer of B2K), deep dark soulful brown eyes,awsome voice loveable sexy smile, ans cute cornrows
omari: african King- eon: forever

by Omarislilqueen July 19, 2004
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a hardworking sexy handsome guy very talented and he is a great husband to me !!!!!!!!!
he is always doinhis best even when itgets hard he always pushes the limit
by sasha July 07, 2004
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A very intelligent and handsome man who loves music. He has an album out called "O" which debuted in Feburary 2005. This man is a former member of B2K, who recently broke up late in the year 2004. Omarion means African King and he will forever be a sex symbol to all the ladies and especially ME!
"O that's going to be the sound girl when its going down, your body saying O"
-Omarion "O"
by Omarion'sLADY July 01, 2005
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Asshat singer with lousy publicist and very poor damage control.

From his publicist statement to Reuters
"He wasn't hurt or anything, but just the fact that he was there and all that." AR PR Marketing

From the official website " Contrary to statements made in the article, Omarion is in no way affiliated with the pr marketing firm mentioned in the piece. The "publicist" quoted in the article is not a legitimate representative of the artist, is not known to the artist, and is not acting on the artist's behalf.
Omarion regrets any association with the article and hopes that fans will not be taken in by unfounded and unauthorized statements."

Doubt it? Google "AR PR Marketing" and "Omarion"
That Omarion wanker got pwned by a quick search on Google proving that was his publicist.
by lollerskates July 08, 2005
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