Omarion is a cool black kid. He genuinely cares for his friends and family but god always comes first and he is smart,Caring,and sometimes mean .
I forgot my wallet "Friend"
Ill pay dont worry"omarion,
by Thtkiddmarii July 5, 2018
A cute, caring, sweet boy. He never fails to do what he needs and when he needs to tell you something he will do it in a unique way. I love Omarion more than any boy I'm the world. He is the most brave and sweet boy I've ever known.
by Hhannah2907 December 20, 2018
Omarion is a very beatifull name because it has many meanings.
it stand for forever king of the african and also love
by carole B. April 24, 2005
Omarion-A very talented young Black man, comin up in da world of music with B2K. Nice, Sexy, Handsome, and Devoted to his work. Hard-working and amazing
For example, you can tell he's hardworking cuz he is always performing. He eve performed on Thanksgiving Eve. that's hard work, and that's devotion to his job
by Josie November 27, 2003
Omarion has and big penis he is sexy and all girls love him he is amazin in bed and an amazing kisser
Omarion is one of the sexy people on Earth
by Lil.marion December 14, 2017
A very intelligent and handsome man who loves music. He has an album out called "O" which debuted in Feburary 2005. This man is a former member of B2K, who recently broke up late in the year 2004. Omarion means African King and he will forever be a sex symbol to all the ladies and especially ME!
"O that's going to be the sound girl when its going down, your body saying O"
-Omarion "O"
by Omarion'sLADY July 1, 2005
he is fine good looking sweet.caring and would never hurt anyone in his life.and best of all hes my baby boo my huband and thats the end of that story he is mine
he is my husband and he is so sweet the sweetest man in my world
by lil teena grandberry March 16, 2004