2)No talent-no acting skills whatsoever.
3)Have done no work to deserve the level of success they have-they made "full house" just because they didn't CRY when they held them up, then they plaed the baby, who only had like 2 lines per episode.
3) Had 500 other people guide theuir"careers". Dualstar was founded and run by other people, but mary-kate and ashley are in the movies, so it's successful.
4)same with their clothing line. It was founded and is run by someone else. Once in a while they PICK OUT CLOTHING. THAT'S IT.
5)Always makes the same kind of movies with the same plot because they can't act.
6)People like them and they are successful only because of their "good-girl twin" image.
The Olsens became billionaires for being twins.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
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stupid fuckers with no talent who got rich off the fact they're twins
mary kate and ashley should die and go to hell
by dfsdfsd February 16, 2005
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two anorexic streaks of piss who can't acts, sing, design or produce.
every couple of years they come out with a straight-to-video film that no body buys.
why are they still around?
because they have blonde hair blue eyes and, admittedly, they strike a good pose.and prepubescents.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen make straight to video films that appear on nickelodeon after about 3 weeks.
by xTruth_Hurtsx May 04, 2007
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1.Anorexic rich freaks who are always together and probobly lesbians.
2.A name for two boobs.
1. Person #1:Ewwww look at those anorexic freaks.
Person #2: Oh it's just Mary-kate and Ashley!
2. Lara! Put away mary-kate and ashley! -sees lara covering her boobs-
by .:xXSexiBiotchXx:. June 17, 2005
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Two smoking hot twin actresses who are cute and terribly rich. I still love them.
Tris: Will you two marry me?

Olsen 1: Sure.

Olsen 2: Sure.

Tris: Wahoo!

Tris just married Mary-Kate and Ashley.
by Tris Penkal October 23, 2006
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