The Olsen Twins are, the twins, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. They were a pop culture sensation from around 1988-2004. They started working in television, when they shared the role of Michelle Tanner in hit ABC sitcom 'Full House', before they'd even hit their 1st birthday. In their time on 'Full House' they became beloved by audiences who couldn't get enough of Michelle's cute personality, as well as phrases such as "you got it dude". Because of their rise in popularity they began to star in movies together so people could see them interact with one another - titles include 'To Grandmother's House We Go', 'Double, Double, Toil and Trouble' and 'How the West Was Fun'. Even after 'Full House' was cancelled in 1995, the Olsens continued to release movie after movie and between 1998 and 2002 had starred in the 3 TV shows 'Two of a Kind', 'Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!' and 'So Little Time'. Then after the the release of, their last movie together, 'New York Minute', in 2004, they've both faded away. The Olsen Twins are the ultimate washed up child stars.
Scenario in 1999:
Mum: No, you can't watch 'Two of a Kind'. You know I watch the news at this time.
Sarah: But, mum. I have to watch 'Two of a Kind'. The Olsen Twins are my idols.

Scenario in 2009:
Mum: Hey, did you hear about Ashley Olsen?
Sarah: Who the hell is Ashley Olsen?
by SeeWithoutHavingtoGo2 September 1, 2009
The Olsen twins are the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. As babies they were took to audition for 'Full House', and they got the role because "they were the only ones who didn't cry". When 'Full House' finished, they had a line of really bad movies and were merchandised to the brim, as they had a massive fan-base. Up until they were 18 they had a squeeky clean image. Then they started doing drugs (allegedly) and become anorexic (Mary-Kate at least). Now, they seem to have vanished off the face of the Earth. You don't see the anymore. They are both focusing on fashion now (fashion book, fashion lines etc) and Mary-Kate has had a few roles in the likes of 'Samantha Who?' and 'Weeds'.
(Mary-Kate and Ashley) (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) (Olsen Twins)
by ShudaGone2Specsavers May 6, 2009
olsen twins

The next million dollar porn company, because porn does not require acting skils, the ability to sing, or talent. Porn only requires good looks, (which, overrated or not- they have 'em) the ability to have sex, (oh, thats the desire to have the attention of the world on you (if it's been all good press before- maybe their looking to prove they can be bad girls now), jealousy in large groups, and a bankroll Donald Trump probably envies.
Do I really need an example people?
by Raspberry :P July 2, 2004
Two extremely anorexic, untalented hollywood (oh wait, they only made one movie that came out in theaters, which, by the way, sucked) showoffs...i don't know which is worse, Paris Hilton, or the Olsen twins. Their clothes suck as well...too ornate...who are they? What did they actually do (beside full house and a bunch of crappy movies)
Person 1: "Yuck! You're starting to look and act like Paris Hilton!"
Person 2: "Hmm...Someone once commented that I was starting to look and act like the Olsen Twins."
Person 1: "Well, yeah. Same thing. The Olsen twins are the Paris Hiltons of tomorrow."
by Pooja Patel June 17, 2004
they used to be kind of annoying, now they are just really annoying. they don't do ANYTHING good in the entertainment industry. nothing.. and they are on the cover of all these magizenes. wooo they were in full house. yeah that show ended like 7 years ago. now all they make is vhs tapes.. not even movies because THEY ARENT IN THEATERS BUT ADVERTISED ALL OVER NICKELODEON. they have gay ass barbie dolls and video games that no one plays except for the autistic girl down the street. ill give them this.. they are pretty. but goddd i dont understand, they can't act, they can't sing. oh woops u dont even need to be able to do shit just to make it big today. u just have to have ur mom try to get u on tv since u were an infant.
watch full house if u wanna see them at their best.. which is actually pretty sad.
by deenie June 16, 2004
When one baby on Full House multiplies into two and then sprouts tits overnight.
Oh yeah! That kind of reminds me of that Olsen-twins phenominon!
by RobYn with a "Y" June 18, 2004
The next who I predict will will release a sex tape
We are the Olsen twins and we want to be even more famous than we are now so we are going to follow in Paris "Whore" Hitons footsteps and make a sex tape
by juiice February 8, 2007