A couple of ugly bad haired trolls who i predict will come out with a sex tape in order to further their fame
We are the olsen twins and we want to be famous eventhough we are ugly little drug addicts
by juiice February 10, 2007
The act of doing them both:
Marry Kate, but Ash-Lay

They are to my 15 year old son what Gilligans Maryann and Ellymae clampet were to me... The women who got us through puberty! Pure eye candy, but just like most candy these days, they leave a very sour taste in your mouth. Especially of you have had to sit through one of their bloody stupic and annoying movies with less scripting than most porn shoots. At least if they did porn, there would be something interesting to see!
In describing two women you are doing at the same time... "I'm engaged to one, but her friend keeps dropping me booty calls - I'm been Olson Twinning them"
by Klaatu62 June 20, 2004
girls who are really flat
" damn that girl is an olsen twin... damn she dont even got a J Lo. "
by de June 20, 2004
They're 18 and legal now! But they are way too thin
They would snap in half when you did them
Lindsay Lohan And Hilary Duff are streets ahead of them
Michael Gunadi used to stalk the olsen twins, but now its all about the DUFF
by Jism August 6, 2004
nasty ugly little actresses who make crappy kiddie movies and wear too much makeup
by Emmi June 20, 2004
a kiddie fiddlers best dream come true. Noted for turning our 8 year old girls into guttersluts
full house the most suckiest of suck ever made pre-reality TV
by Brother Number One July 8, 2004
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Two American actresses/moguls who rose to stardom by sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on the long running ABC-TV sitcom, Full House. Their acting credits include three highly successful made-for-TV movies, direct-to-video films, a number of TV specials, and two feature films. Their musical credits include a number of different children's albums. They currently own their production company, Dualstar Entertainment Inc., which produces their mary-kateandashley brand products.
by Lifesaver October 31, 2005