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Nana Banana is the most beautiful girl I’ve seen, she’s smart, she’s gorgeous, she’s humerous, she’s generous, compassionate, generous, kind, and always knows what to say. She has brown eyes, and brown hair, and is quite the beauty. She’s quite petite, and that’s okay because we all still love her for her. She gives amazing advice, and is usually caring, and kind. Her vocabulary has expanded to more vulgar terms but, it’s all okay because it’s in a joking way. We’re very accepting of the fact she is apart of the lgbtq+ community (bisexual). She’s goofy, funny, and she lightens up the mood in certain situations. She may be 4”11 but has a lot of attitude, and that’s okay because don’t we all? Anyways she’s an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to date her, or just be her friend. I love Nana Bana #fruitgang🤬😍😍🔫🍌🥥🍈.
Nana Banana is a faggot, lmao.
by M.L.C.C.M August 10, 2018
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