A long term drinker. This is the type of person that can’t get through the day without booze. Gets the shakes if they don’t have a drink. Hits the bar and drinks large amounts of cocktails. Basically an alcoholic.
Friend: Isn’t that Bob at the bar. Wow he looks shit faced. I didn’t know he drank.

Me: Yeah that’s Bob. He’s an Oiler.
by Ridethefrog July 31, 2020
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Rich people donating massive amounts to their favourite Twitch streamers.
"any oilers in chat?"
by arab prince June 17, 2020
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A typical oiler begins when roughly 20-100 dudes get together, strip down, and throw a couple of garbage bags over their heads. they then proceed to cut 2 holes into the garbage bag. One over the anus, and one over the penis. they then "oil" themselves with various lubricants. The oilees then run into each other and create a steaming hot pile of oily man-love.
That was a totally awesome oiler Larry, i had a great time.

Did you attend the oiler at the moon tower?

I'm so sore from last nights oiler.
by Frank Oiler October 12, 2008
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Mild smelling fart, not as offensive as the dreaded yoker but not as sweet smelling as a steaker.
Susan adroitly let out a few oilers during Sunday's church service.
by blutarsky March 15, 2006
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Experienced rating in the engine room of a Merchant ship of the United States. Comes after seatime as a Wiper and an examination.

Duties include checking engine equipment for leaks or malfunctions, lubricating moving parts, and checking gauges. With more seatime, the Oiler can advance to QMED (qualified member of the engine department).
The Oiler was on watch from 4 to 8 doing his rounds.
by DeepSeaSailorGuy May 15, 2007
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Edmonton's hockey team. A good hockey team when they make it to the Stanley Cup finals.... A crappy hockey team when they don't.
I was cheering for the Oilers, but the Flames made it to the Finals, so I like them better.
by Jewelzmeister September 15, 2006
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an aquaintence (boy or girl) that anyone in their right mind would never, EVER in one's entire life even consider having even the SLIGHTEST notion of physical contact with. until, of course, their last hook up was an abnormally long time ago. Thus, that someone feels the technique they had previously perfected is fading, resulting in the usage of an oiler.
(and people can always tell because the people needing an oiler consult their friends before utilizing one)
2. to all you oilers out there...it doesn't mean love, ok.?

not that i speak from experience or anyshit....
Suzie: "Bobby is so gross. i cant believe he gave me his number, knowing im dating tommy"
Holly: "keep it, you might need an OILER later"

...1 breakup and 6 months later....

Suzie: "its been so long since i've kissed someone..where the hell is bobby's number?"
by Hope* December 31, 2005
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