Act of spotting a poorly-hidden recording video camera while a female is riding the male in the missionary position.
Ronald: Why was Gabby crying in school today?
Seth: Ryan popped an "Uh Oh Jesus" on the bitch.
by GregH May 7, 2004
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A word coined by the famous Ricky Bobby now used as a synonym for phrases like "Oh shit," Oh no," and my personal favorite, "Well fuck me"
Someone: I forgot my phone and my keys and my underwear.
Me: Oh baby jesus that sucks cow balls.
by THESEAREREALWORDS December 14, 2017
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You see a black girl with a huge butt and exclaim: Oh Lawd Jesus that ass!
by Vite April 30, 2014
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Black women dialogue for; "Oh how interestingly spontaneous that this particular event occurred at this paradime."
Shaniquela: "Oh Mama Jackson, me and Jamar O'Ryan are having a baby."

Mama Jackson: "Oh lawd Jesus!"
by Le_Willis April 8, 2014
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