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The most diverse, prettiest, underrated, and strongest group of women in the world. They usually look very young. Their skin color ranges from the dark black to white, even in Africa alone. Their hair texture ranges from kinky to curly to straight. Black women choose to straighten their hair because it is more manageable or they have been told by society that their natural hair is unprofessional. Now, most are choosing to wear their regal-like natural hair.
Their eyes range from dark brown to light brown to green and in rare cases in some tribes of Africa, blue. Their body size range from slender to fat. Their noses range from flat to slender, despite past Europeans' claims that all Africans have flat noses which is not true. Although they have been attacked both racially and as women, raped by whites, abandoned by their kids' father, and constantly brought down by the media's depiction of them as fat, loud, and ghetto, black women have remained strong and make up two-thirds of black college undergrads. They are highly sought after in West European countries yet undervalued in the Americas because of the stigma from slavery and covert racism in the media. They have been reminded that they are worthless as women because they are far different from white women. But when white or non-black women have black features, they are usually idolized. White women get lip injections, tans, and buttocks implants to have what this group already has.
Osama Bin Laden, although he was racist, told all his secrets to his black mistress, who warned whites. But they chose not to believe her until they found out it was true. This is an example of whites constantly underrating black women.

Black women are the greatest dancers.

White guy: Meagan Fox is so hot. She has those full lips.
Black guy: man most black women have those lips. Besides Fox is all fake. Try Meagan Good *show picture of Meagan good*.
White guy: That is sooo hot!

Affluent white German NBA player Dirk Nowitzki is engage to a hot black woman from Sweden
by uknoeme56032 January 13, 2012
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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The most diverse and first female to ever walk this planet. They can have dark skin to fair skin. Most have brown eyes but they can also have blue, green and hazel. They can have any texture of hair from kinky to curly to wavy to straight to coily and anything in between. Their hair can also be as log as any other race of women. Black women typically have nice curves as they produce more estrogen than other races of women. Most naturally have clear skin and age an average of 10 to 20 years slower than other races of women. The black woman is the biggest target of jealousy as the media talks about her every day. It's an interest and obsession. Black women are stereotyped as being loud and obnoxious, overweight, bad attitude and always wearing weaves. Most aren't like this. Society will try to make others believe that the black woman is the least but will fail every time :)!
A black woman is a female who turns heads whenever she isn't the stereotype. She doesn't have to use the media to make others believe she is beautiful. She is the most excluded woman. However every time she is uplifted jealousy from other women show. ( Look at in 2018 when Lebron James praised black women. He didn't even put down any other race of women.)
by MikeyMike speaks real talk September 11, 2018
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One of the most beautiful women ever
They have three unique shades: light cream, caramel, and dark chocolate

And because of that, people get jealous of them

Sadly, they are often fetished and rejected by society
by ISHFWILF October 29, 2018
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Typically women of African-American heritage. Humanity's best singers, and overall people you are most happy to see at a party. Natural habitat is spiritual gospel choirs that sing hip-hop renditions. Tend to mate with humanity's best comedians and athletes: Black Men.

e.g. Wanda Sykes, Nicki Minaj, Harriet Tubman
Woke guy 1: Hey man what are you listening to - is that Whitney Houston?
Woke guy 2: Nope, this is Aretha Franklin - she's the best.
Woke guy 1: Oh man - I fucking love Black Women. I think I heard she is dating Chris Rock actually.

Woke guy 2: Fucking love Chris Rock.
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by Merriam W. October 31, 2018
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