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The distance from the sound of your maturbation to the point where people could hear it.
My door is weak and wooden, so my Sound Barrier is pretty weak.. Makes jacking off with a fleshlight a chore..
by Douchebag82 December 12, 2011
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A troll without sense of any morals who will torment anyone to their death. Lacks sympathy, love, or honor.
There are many trolls in the world, but only a select handful will deteriorate long enough to become an ogre.
by Douchebag82 October 30, 2011
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Protips to the future freshmen out there: Stick with your friends. Get a huge group of your familiars going and talk with your friends as much as possible.

Now, study your ass off and make sure to pick the right electives. Socialize, stay clean and yeah.

Finally, you've made it to 10th! 9th was surely a hellhole of a year huh? Well then, 10th won't be as dramatic. Make sure to get your Liscence and keep on top with your grades.

Hm, 10th wasn't so bad huh? Welcome to 11th. Enjoy your leisure time? Not anymore, because now you have to work twice as hard!

12th now huh dude? Yeah, you've passed 11th legit! I'm proud of you dude, 12 is a blast. No more hard work! Well you still have to do some work but still.
High School sucks unless you have friends and finding the right group can be a pain in the ass.
by Douchebag82 November 11, 2011
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A rare game unknown to most of the gaming populace which has grown a small cult following. The game was designed off of a 10 year long dream-journal. Gameplay features no combat, and focuses on exploration. Touching anything for a period of 3 seconds (some exceptions) teloports you to another area via "linking" Dreams usually path towards 4 ways. Upper, Downer, Static, and Dynamic. Terrain can become more sexual, violent, creepy, or distorted. Anyone who has ever done LSD will know that they got the repeating textures right, but the randomness is something you'd find from shrooms.
LSD Game Emulator is the most bizzare game I've ever played.
by Douchebag82 October 15, 2011
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An aincent being from a time before the internet was clogged up with retard memes. An infamous bard on an Everquest server.

In the game, once you get past level 5 you can be killed and looted by anyone, and this was a 'no rules' server. Bards had a skill that made them run faster than everyone else and Fansy used this to his advantage. He attracted Sand Giants, a hugely powerful enemy with equal speed and had them follow him throughout the world purging the crust of sin. You'll get a better description if you just fucking google search it. It's the top page which has actual quotes from the legend.
I used to be Fansy the Famous Bard's friend, but I haven't heard from him for over 10 years. He's most likely moved on.. Fansy, if you read this remember me!
by Douchebag82 November 28, 2011
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The act of getting really fucking pissed off and breaking your dad's $1500 dollar 42 inch 1080p TV after failing a level for the 9001st time.
I broke my dad's $1500 42 inch 1080p TV after failing a level for the 9003st time.

fuck Super Mario galaxy 2 :(
by Douchebag82 May 15, 2011
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Someone on an MMORPG who steals shit dropped by enemies. Usually try to take as much gold as they can without showing any admirable traits.
JiggabooJim is a jewscout on maplestory
by Douchebag82 October 30, 2011
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