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The Futhark are the runes used by the Vikings, and those from Scandinavia. The original Futhark consisted of 18 symbols, each standing for a letter as well as being symbolic.

Futhark are used for writing, rune stones, magic, and divination. Some would carve the Futhark rune Tiwaz into their weapons before battle, and it was believed to achieve victory.

The more modern Futhark consist of 24 symbols and the 1 blank symbol, or the Unknowlable or Unchangable.

In the use of Divination, Futhark are used in Rune Casting. It is said that although seemingly random, when you cast or draw a rune, it will choose you and you can feel the power of the right rune. Their uses can be to foretell the future, or recognize and solve problems within yourself and others; a tap to the all knowing subconcious and wisdom.

Anyone interested in learning about Futhark for written language, magic, divination, or any other means, can look in really any book store which will usually carry atleast one book on the runes.
By the sacrifice and will of Odin, did the Futhark come to the knowledge of those in Midgard.
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