Hug a girl day, you can hug any girl you want no questions asked
Guy 1:I just wanna hug
Guy 2: bro me toooo
Guy 3: then go hug one it’s October 19
by Heybaequeen27 October 16, 2019
National hurt VSCO girls with their hydro flask. If you see them grap their hydro flask and start hitting them
It is October 19 start knocking out the VSCO girls
by Cadenceforney0_on_tik_toc October 16, 2019
Shoot ur shot on October 19 before it’s to late good luck my brothers
Woahhh no way it’s my crush so epic shoot it’s October 19 I have to shoot my shot ahhh”
by BigFatUglyRat October 16, 2019
Whoever is born on October 19 has the most drip and is handsome/beautiful
Person 1: Wow he sure can dress
Person 2: ofcourse he was born October 19TH!
by Prince tatted October 16, 2019
October 19 is the best day of the year for everyone. it can be grab ass day, gay day, etc. but if it’s your birthday, you are perfect. you’re beautiful, hot, smart, thick, fine, etc. . if you are born on october 19, you are a libra ♎️! (the best sign). congratulations libra!!
“Bro she must be born on October 19 because she is fine as fuck!”
by queen alexandria hoes October 27, 2019
You have to act like a couple
With someone for the whole day even if you’re single of not it doesn’t matter
October 19 single or not
by By~ daily October 16, 2019