One of the major characters in Metal Gear Solid, who was in MGS and MGS2, and will make a grand appearance in MGS3, as a young GRU unit.
Ocelot's full name is recognized as "Revolver Ocelot", and given the first name of his codename he fancies revolvers.
"An ocelot never lets his prey escape."
-Ocelot, MGS3
by Dave September 9, 2004
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The first wave of cougar. A younger-than-35 cougar, who pursues or dates men 20- 29, always at least 5 years younger than herself.
"Whoa, look at them! She's so much older than him, but she's still cute and young. Bro barely looks legal though.... she's a total ocelot."
by Leopard Sharp February 14, 2009
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the most bad-ass cat alive. them things will fucking rip you apart in a second, then cuddle you the next minute. they are also the cutest beast on the face of the earth.
AHHHH!!!! a fucking ocelot is ripping off my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........................awww kitty is purring.

look at a picture of one and see if your heart doesn't melt. it's the perfect test for a mean person.
by Sum1udontno9 December 20, 2008
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An Ocelot is a young man usually in their late teens and early 20s who enjoys the sexual company of a much older woman in her 40s, known as a Cougar.
The little Ocelot is going to be eaten alive by that Cougar.
by Falcon225 May 18, 2009
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A person who looks very young for his/her age who prefers the company of younger mates. Like the actual animal, one would not know an Ocelot is part of the Big Cat family (like Pumas, Cougars and Sabertooths) just from looking, but they are, in fact, technically classified as such.
"You're 35??? I thought you were 25, you dirty, dirty Ocelot! Well, my parents are out of town, you wanna come over?"
by Capybarrra November 13, 2011
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1-to attack; to assault on or more things

2- character in the metal gear solid series who fancies revolovers, thus creating his name "revolver ocelot"

3- (felis pardalis) or the ocelot, is one of the many species of cats. It has short fur marked with both open and solid dark spots. It preys on mostly rodents nocturnaly and are found usualy in tropical and sub-tropical environments with dense cover.
1- The germans led a fierce ocelot this morning

2- An ocelot never misses his prey...

3- I saw an ocelot in the tree line this morining
by Karl Rominger December 23, 2004
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