obvs is short for obviously. When people use a shortened version of a word they would write an s instead of y or ly.
Mum:Did you get the chips, Alex?
Alex:obvs mum Shah not
by PelexBoss June 26, 2015
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A word commonly used by extremely cool people (samantha and shelby) as an abbrieviation for "obvious'
Samantha: That girl is so hairy
Shelby: Obv
Samantha: Canadia is the greatest country ever.
Shelby Obv

obvious abbrieviation
by Shelby Schmitt March 17, 2011
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a short form for the word obviously, commonly used by Liz and her friends.
"I'm obvs going out tonight."
"The grey sweater is obvs the only nice one."
"She obvs failed miserabley."
by LIZI. September 11, 2006
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Owned by vac
a term used in counter stike to mean that you were banned because you hacked or cheated.
Yo, you hear that trevor got OBV yesterday
by jains89 April 26, 2006
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This word is basically slang for obvious in all forms.
Kind of like totes mcgoats is used with totally
Kemba: Are you going to the basketball game tonight?
Collins: Obvs Mcgobvs, i own season tickets.
Kemba: Oh yea, i forgot.
by Tu Madre, Same March 07, 2012
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