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Pathetic, in each and every known way. Seriously. Each and every one of them. God they suck.
(football player) "TA FOOTBALL, YEAAAAA!!!!!"
(me) "You suck, dumbass."
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A noble organization with a strict set of rules and chain of command. Dominating force on the field, joke else where. Should only improve with time.
"Cross town? Cross town? Good, can you wiggle it? Wiggle it? The bird! Do the bird! Good, we'll work on it."
by arrbear January 06, 2005
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Thayer Academy Football team. As many Thayer sports teams, the Varsity team sucks. However, the JV team carried over an undefeated season from the middle school and dominated with the class of '08's unbelievable athletic ability.

Not as popular as the Thayer Hockey Team
Dude, did you see the TA football game at homecoming?

Of course not, I was watching underdeveloped whores on the JV field hockey and soccer teams
by anonymous January 24, 2005
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