Also known as OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a neurotic mental illness in which intrusive, negative thoughts and/or impulses which regularly enter the person's mind (obsessions) are counteracted by repetitive acts or rituals performed to alleviate the anxiety and general distress created by these obsessions. It is possible to qualify for a diagnosis of OCD if only obsessions or compulsions are present, although the vast majority have both.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is much more than being quirky or a bit of a neat freak.
by Doc_B April 14, 2015
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An anxiety disorder in which uncontrollable intrusive thoughts and mental/physical compulsions make sufferers miserable. These intrusive thoughts can include violent and taboo obsessions that make the sufferer question their identity.

It's a painful, torturous disorder I'd wish on nobody.
"Emily couldn't eat because her obsessive compulsive disorder made her lose her appetite."
by LilianaB February 15, 2021
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Is a fairly common problem where people experience ‘obsessions’, recurring unwanted thoughts which are difficult to stop, and ‘compulsions’, rituals of checking behaviour or repetitive actions which are carried out in an attempt to relieve the thoughts.
Jocelyn has obsessive compulsive disorder, and checks the door 16 times to make sure it is locked.
by Barizzy January 27, 2006
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Disoder in which the sufferer has a 'need' to have everything perfected to the 't'. They are usually very anal and will induce bodily harm should you ruin their arrangements.
Ah, all my vinyls are arranged from A to Z...WHO THE FUCK PUT PINK FLOYD IN THE Z's?!!!"
by Sai Wolf May 30, 2005
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FOCD is the term describing someone's need to turn every bit of information written down as notes into flashcards.
Kristen has Flashcard Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Have you seen her stack of index cards for spanish? It's gotta be half a foot tall!
by KristenThChitch February 3, 2009
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To be so absolutely obsessed with a person that one talks about this person in everything that one does.
Man, Steven Keating has obsessive compulsive disorder, he is so in love with that girl that he talks about her in every conversation and shes even in his clan tag.
by OmgDanIsTheHottestManAlive March 28, 2010
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Common to many gamers, OCRD is the obsessive compulsive reloading of weapons in FPSs in order to maintain a full clip at any given time.

Generally this presents as reloading before and after every encounter in a game even if only 1 or 2 shots were fired and the clip has 60 rounds. A gamer with the disorder will experience the distracting need to reload if they know their clip isn't full, similar to an itch or a nervous tic of other OCDs.

In its worse presentations, OCRD will leave a player absent-mindedly reloading before the action has finished, perhaps after killing one or a few enemies while more are still shooting at the player. This leaves the player useless and vulnerable for upwards of 5 to 10 seconds.
Gamer's friend: "Why are you so shit now? You used to be awesome at CoD."

Gamer: "Ah man. I have OCRD (Obsessive Compulsive Reloading Disorder) bad! I keep having to reload needlessly in the middle of action and getting raped because of it. It's ruining everything and I just can't stop myself."

Gamer's friend: "Oh yea man, we've all had that. Sucks to be you, I guess."
by Gdwlf December 13, 2010
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