The perfect guy. He is funny, sweet, talented, crazy hot and has a big dick. When he acts like himself he’s silly and adorable. He is an amazing boyfriend and great kisser.
That guy is so hot and funny, he must a ober
by Robert pelayo May 31, 2020
Military term for a score of "par" on a particular golf hole regardless of the actual amount of swings taken.
On a players 8th swing on a par 3.
(1)"This put is for Oberer."
(2)"I sank that for Oberer."
by truthsayr February 22, 2011
Oberation is the act of a horny woman going to the gas station manual vacuum and sticking the large tube into their vagina. No one knows what gives them the urge to do this, nor do they themselves know why. Other related words are: oberate, oberating, oberated, oberatiology, oberationist, oberationizer
Random Guy: "Damn man I saw Sally doing some oberation at the gas station last week."
Other Random Guy: "Really man? Why did she do it?"
by UrbanMasterBait September 10, 2014
to get completely wasted
I got so ober at that party in the Rab, i have no clue what happened!
by RDSyx March 30, 2008
an adjctive
ober creapy!
ober gorlia status- very hairy
by mad4punks October 30, 2003
German for upper and also for waiter.
English slang for overseer, greater, or a big hairy man-beast.
Did you see that ober at the buffet? I thought he was going to go for that little kid too!
by Steve-O March 20, 2004
One who stalks others across internet sites
Every place I click on, there's an ober
by Anonymous March 7, 2003