Pretending you can sing when really you sound like SHIT
Hey Christi, I am going to be harmonizing with you

*starts singing like GARBAGE*
by SlizzardWizard September 8, 2010
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A fan who probably questions her sexuality every day because of the girl band, Fifth Harmony. Harmonizers are really into twerking and the idea of watching Camila Cabello's X-Factor audition tapes. They also tend to ship the girls together (Camren, Norminah, Caminah, Camally, Dimon, etc.) They rage/cringe/pry when they hear LYLAS or 1432. Most Harmonizers have Twitters, Tumblrs and no life. Dinah Jane's hashtags are trended worldwide with the help of her dawgs and 5H interviews are GIF'ed as soon as they hit Youtube.

You're not seen as a real Harmonizer if you don't ship at least two of the girls together. They love Normani's twerk, Lauren's beanie, Camila's butt, Dinah Jane's duck face and Ally's height. Harmonizers had endless inside jokes such as: pepeca, prying, Nutella, #BLOCKED, open doors, the Dinah Dance, etc. If you're a Harmonizer, you're very likely to become lesbian for one or all of the girls. Until Booty Pop Madness is released, Harmonizers will impatiently remain reblogging each other on Tumblr, trending worldwide on Twitter and twerking their life away.

- pce n blessinz
by Booty Pop Madness June 3, 2013
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to suppress or delete something (usually threads or posts on an internet forum) that would potentially affect the social harmony and stability.
steve: whats up man?
raiden: hell... my posts about edison chen all got harmonized!!!
steve: you mean those dirty things uploaded yesterday?? hahaha
by kyrin February 14, 2008
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Adjective for the best guy who ever lived. The only word cool enough to describe chuck norris. People who can be described with this word do not come around that often but if they did, they would have to be really good at everything they actually like to do. they can get anything instantly on their first try.
by ;aoihv;weornvo June 11, 2010
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An adjective to describe the coolest guy in the room. Sometimes described as the man. Originates from Mark Harmon who stars in NCIS and is the man and definitely the coolest guy in that room.
Bro, you're the harmon
by ihatejewishniggers June 11, 2010
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Blocked on the Chinese Internet.

In Chinese "被和谐" (hexie), "harmonized" means that you can not access anymore to a website from inside the Great Firewall of China.

The world has been coined as a joke by Chinese netizens from listening everyday the Parti's discourse about "harmony" and "building an harmonious society".
"Can you check what this word means on Urban Dictionary?
- No way. It has been harmonized last week...
- Wow! So i'll ask to this old pale of mine on Facebook.
- Nope, won't work neither.
- Mmm. Let's post the question on Twitter ?
- "Page not found" 404 error
- Youtube then?
- Ahem.
- Ok. So i'll just turn on my VPN to get rid of this Great Firewall."
by clemsos January 17, 2013
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1. pertaining to harmony, as distinguished from melody and rhythm.
2. marked by harmony; in harmony; concordant; consonant.
3. Physics. of, pertaining to, or noting a series of oscillations in which each oscillation has a frequency that is an integral multiple of the same basic frequency.
4. Mathematics.
a. (of a set of values) related in a manner analogous to the frequencies of tones that are consonant.
b. capable of being represented by sine and cosine functions.
c. (of a function) satisfying the Laplace equation.
1.) I'll play the melody, you play the harmony.
2.) You need to take a vacation and get HARMONIC with your life.
3.) (self-explanatory)
4.) (self-explanatory)
by Braimp December 11, 2006
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