America's current president, a great speaker, and unlike half the other definitions for his name say, a great president.
President Barack Obama is bound to straighten out our nation's economy and corrupt political system.
by arm93 April 09, 2009
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THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! The most qualified person to rule this country considering the past eight years was run by a person with "experience", who had the whole world loath the United States, and put this country into a recession.

He is the man that has the most amount of people to arrive at his inauguration. He united the country...I'm sorry, he united the world. No one has done that!

am I missing anything?...Oh yeah...

A man who has too many haters(even on urban dictionary.com)! This mean he's doing something right.
Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

Barack Obama is the first recognized African-American president.

Barack Obama is bi-racial.

Barack Obama raised the most amount of money during his presidential campaign while the country was in a recession.

Yes We Can!
Ha ha haters...
Barack Obama, Barack Obama,Barack Obama, Barack Obama,Barack Obama,Barack Obama!!!!!
by Virgo Bootz January 29, 2009
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Noun- The first non-Caucasian President of the United States of America. Elected in two thousand nine, Barrack Obama immediately began establishing the most bi-partisan Presidency in United States history.

He seems to represent fairness so far, by helping the lower classes and by simply not being "white", but many remain doubtful of his ability to lead due to the short time he was a Senator.

Many more dislike him simply for being African American, for not being Democrat, and because he has supporters. The latter stands in stark contrast to the reign of George W. Bush, and thus gives the impression that his voters are "brainwashed".
Barrack Obama promises to bring change, which is vague but so far true.
by KirtiMiko September 03, 2009
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The newly appointed president-elect of the United States. He's black. Republicans hate him because he handed them their red-asses, racists hate him because he's black.
Hick: That Bahrak Obamer is a liar and a swindler and all the blacks are gonna take over.
Republican:Yeah he's a commi too because he won't give us rich folk tax breaks.

AverageJoe: Obama won? Good times, now we don't have to obey the laws of racist, facist christians that ruined our economy and a messed up our cred in the world.
by GigityGoo November 24, 2008
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Obama IS:
– A supremely gifted speaker.
– An ingenious political tactician willing to take the high road amidst one of the dirtiest games ever played.
– One of our nation's few genuine intellectuals.
– A person capable of speaking in completely intelligible sentences and with proper grammar.
– The one man possibly capable of redeeming our economy from the damage done by Madoff and other black-hearted, idiotic executives, CEO's, and economists.
– Yes, it's been said before; Yes, it's a clichΓ©; Yes, it might just be some sort of liberal jargon; but Barack Obama is change.

Obama is NOT:
– A "sacred cow" who nobody can criticize; Liberals, conservatives, and the media are all doing it.
– A communist or socialist (Trust me: I'm a real socialist, so I should know).
– "Inexperienced". Honestly, that's coming from the people who wanted Sarah Palin to be vice president... look in a mirror, Republicans.
– Some sort of radical African American revolutionist who will make way for the rise of the black population of our nation in order to enslave all white people... honestly, that's the most naΓ―ve thing I've ever head.
Mark: Obama is a fist-bumping terrorist!
Harry: You are a narrow-minded, gullible fool, and for that I take pity on you.

Redneck: Obama is gonna take away all our rights and guns and make us all live in holes, because he's the re-distributer-in-chef* and he's a commie and he's gonna take away the sowvernitty* of our blessed nation.
Philip: That is the largest single conservative propaganda spewing session that I have ever held witness to in my life.

John McCain: My friends, it's clear that Obama doesn't have the experience it takes to be commander-in-chief of this nation!
Observational Intellectual: "My friend", you chose Palin. Enough said.

*This word was misspelled intentionally in order to more accurately display a simple-minded, uneducated, gun-clinging** redneck.
**Yep. I went there.
by Kavurcen March 24, 2009
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The 44th president of the united states. he is a member of the democratic party. a good president who has had trouble passing laws because of stupid republicans who would love to take cash from the poor and give it to the rich i.e. themselves where Obama would rather give to the poor i a good human being
Obama is a good guy.
by odfsjghsdlfkjhsadklfjhasldkjfh December 08, 2011
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