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BW3 is the nickname for the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. While the nickname is still popular, it is confusing because there is no third w in the name. Most people who use the term BW3 have no idea where the name comes from. The original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, but the company dropped Weck from its name when it stopped selling sandwiches on weck rolls.
Let's meet at BW3's at 9.
by Jon Gales July 18, 2006
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An abbreviation for Buffalo Wild Wings. A location of social gathering and great feats of eating (especially on 35 cent wing Tuesday's). The finest chicken wings are served here, in flavors ranging from the tame (Sweet BBQ) to the dangerous (Blazin') to the unique and surprising (Parmesan Garlic, Teriyaki).
Guy 1: What are you doin today?
Guy 2: I dunno. It's a Tuesday and nothing's going on.
Guy 3: Are you kidding me? It's 35 cent wing day at BW3's. My goal is to take down at least 40 wings in one sitting. Oh yeah, and we can scope the hot girls that work there.
by the big lebowski April 26, 2006
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