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Large idiotic buffoon. Many of them work within banks where they hold down and violently molest their employees
by Little Oaf October 07, 2016
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A large, clumsy, slow witted buffoon. One that acts oaffishly.
by Schmark March 17, 2004
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Short for 'Open Ass Fart', To OAF is when you hold your butt cheeks open and fart. With your butt cheeks spread your butthole opens and makes a quiet wind noise but the deadly smell will consume the room.
'Omg look it's Jenny and her friends, they're always so mean to me'
'Why don't you go over and OAF at them? That'll teach them'
'You know what, why not!'
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by Davisym September 18, 2017
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(n.) Unintelligent, tall clumsy person with large hands and feet, and a small penis. Competes in sports while using simplified language such as 'Gareth throw discus'. Oafs have big skulls and limited intelligence. Slow witted and plodding in speech.
Gareth the oaf crashed his bike into a ditch and broke his leg.

by Kung-fu Jesus June 24, 2004
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A large, clumsy, dim-witted individual who tends to break things.
Tony: Oren sat on my lawn chair and it broke into a million pieces.

Nick: Damn! What an oaf!
by The O.T. December 16, 2010
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1. A stupid, fat, clumsey individual who has no cordination and no real intelligence: Benson Lo;

2. A 1337 robot from woburn C.I that rocked all who faced it in the Eastern Canada Robotics Competition.
1. "That oaf benson, he's burning something."
"That oaf benson, he's stealing something."
"That oaf benson, he's......doing something!"

2. "The oaf.... it owns.....period."
by crazycloyster November 16, 2003
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